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Ogliastra - Sardinia  

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Ogliastra, with its beautiful coastline and mountainous interior, is a relatively-recent addition to Sardinia’s must-see areas for tourists. Wedged between the mountains and the sea, it offers an unlimited number of unique scenes. A beautiful paradise on Sardinia’s east coast where you can find the best that Nature can offer.

Along the coastline of Ogliastra you find splendid beaches and sandy coves (cale) wedged between the rocks and the sea, in one of Mediterranean’s most charming marine environments. Starting from the north, we find the famous sandy bays reachable only by foot or by sea: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé; further south, interesting beaches such as Tancau, Girasole, Orrì, Cea, Marina di Barisardo Cardedu, Coccorrocci and the Golfo di Sarrala. In Ogliastra the natural environment is magical, and still unspoilt with its gradually changes as you climb the hills to arrive at the mountains of the Gennargentu, with fulfilling views of varied countryside of a rare beauty. This is a place for the tourist with an attentive and curious eye who wants to explore.

From the historical and archaeological viewpoint, the whole area is worthy of attention, with the many Nuraghi, Domus de Janas, Fonti Sacre, Tombe dei Giganti and Menhir. Only the combination of sights, sounds and smells manages to fully describe the magic and harmony of this land. You can’t really say you have visited Sardinia without spending a few days in Ogliastra.



the pearls of the Mediterranean







The Supramonte and Gennargentu

a paradise to discover







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